Fourth Episode of UIO on Body Image Released

Body Image is a giant topic. Having recently read 1 Samuel 16-17 in which David prepares to conquer the giant, Goliath, I am humbled by my new personal trainer Laura Mile’s story of her commitment to maintaining a positive body image and helping others to do so, too.

Though literally, we’re talking apples and oranges, figuratively speaking, we are talking apples and apples, just a different variety. In other words, a giant is a giant, when we are trying to overcome it. And maintaining a positive body image is a huge subject not only for teenage girls but also for women, too.

Whether battling with disordered eating in the way of obesity or anorexia or bulimia or  a related illness, millions of Americans and Britons have unhealthy relations with food that cause dire consequences for their body and their perceptions of it.

And even when negative body image doesn’t manifest itself through eating habits, it tends to crop up in a number of other ways, such as negative self-talk, according to Laura who shares her views in the fourth episode of UIO: Your Body Image Inside Out.

Laura, pictured here as a teenager and years later as a young woman, points out the difference in truly embracing your body and accepting unhealthiness. An obese teenager, Laura admits that she didn’t always understand the dangers of obesity, which can lead to serious health problems.

But thirteen years into her journey of keeping fit and embracing her body, the personal trainer’s interview is a must listen to podcast for anyone who has had or has any issues with body image.  Check it out here on Soundcloud or listen on itunes, Stitcher or Tunein and do feel free to send your questions to Laura right here on

In the meantime, stay tuned for some straight talk on hair with Joy Miller, co-owner of the award winning Junior Green Hair and Beauty Salon in London, in two weeks. Just in time for a sizzling summer. What are you going to do with your hair? Ask Joy, right here on UIO: You Inside Out, the podcast for teenage girls.



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