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About UIO

UIO: You Inside Out, the podcast for teenage girls, now features 37 podcasts on the hot topics that you might face throughout your teenage years. We rely on sound principles and values and offer a safe and responsible platform to provide insight into subjects relevant to teenage girls today.

Host Sonja Lewis interviews  outstanding women and teenage girls, who share their stories, advice and useful tips fresh from their own experiences on topics such as sex and sexuality, confidence, values and the environment.

Our interviewees understand why your teens are so important, not only because they help form part of who you will become in future years, but also because they form your life now.

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In the meantime,  tell us what you’d want to hear about, what you’d like us to cover. It’s all about you. Contact us here with suggestions, questions and any comment you want to share.

Words of thanks: 

A huge thank you to all of our fabulous guests. Because of you, our podcasts are insightful, inspirational and add great value to the lives of many teenage girls:

Cheryl Grace, Judit Ressinki, Jenny Hawkins, Laura Miles, Joy Miller, Dr Jane Goldberg,  Molly Goldberg, Jenny Garrett, Rachel Gardner, Helen Lewis, Natalie Savvides, Nicola Morgan, Rachita Saraogi, Rebecca Thomson, Eleanor Segall, Hannilee Fish, Cat Williams, Leah, Divaina and Olivia, Robyn Spens, Elizabeth Wright, Lindsey Turnbull, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Charlotte Aynsley, Claire Eastham, Sue Atkins, Naomi Richards, Hope Virgo, Zaqiya Cajee, Anj Handa, Nikki Gordon, Suzie Lavington, Carmen Li and Kristi Hugstad.

Interested in collaborating with UIO on a podcast? Contact Sonja here.