UIO Podcast Launches Discover U Campaign on Snapchat

Discover U, our new ad campaign on Snapchat, gets underway today.

Designed to bring UIO to more teenage girls than ever, Discover U has three ad sets: Discover U, Focus on U and Take Care of U, offering engaging videos and an interactive lens.

Check out the campaign on Snapchat, if u have a Snap account, to try our U R Enough lens and watch our high energy videos there, too.

The campaign has been designed to offer teen girls an uplifting experience that is not only thought provoking but it is also motivational.

Also, the ads reflect UIO’s most popular and relevant podcasts according to listening stats. Watch this space for updates on the campaign and more news from UIO: You inside Out.

Meanwhile, keep listening to our podcasts and giving us reviews on the platform of your listening choice. And remember to take care of you inside out.

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