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The Seasons


A  collection of eight short stories, The Seasons explores the human condition from youth to maturity via extraordinary characters, albeit ordinary people, who pass from spring to summer, from innocence to exuberance. And when autumn comes, they mature and persevere towards winter, almost intuitively, regardless of their extenuating circumstances.

Ultimately, their journey is a quest to find the truth.


In Scout Gets Her Tongue Back, a 10-year-old girl reflects on her father’s drastic action, which took her speech away suddenly, and left her without a parent.

When 27-year-old Reggie, protagonist in Reggie Grows-Up, desires to marry his girlfriend, he is forced to face the reality that though he lives in a man’s body, he is still very much a boy.


In The Coloured Girl, English aristocrat Isabella Chiltern faces hypocrisy in the presence of her son’s enchanting African American girlfriend.

Christian artist Bebe Day, heroine of The Centre of Light, investigates reincarnation after seeing three people from her past, who have been long dead.


In The Storm, Mama Bradley, a retired midwife, faces a moral dilemma after delivering two grandchildren—one of them stillborn to her daughter-in-law, wife of her dutiful son who has suffered immensely and the other born to her wayward teenage daughter.

Just when life promises to soften for British businessman Geoff Gray of Clarinet Moments, he learns that he has breast cancer.


Winter sets in for an African American woman in How About That when the last of her two sons predeceases her, propelling her and her white American daughter-in-law into a contemporary Naomi and Ruth story.

When elderly Englishman Sandy Ansley, the chief character in The Seasons, experiences merciless road rage, he has to consider giving up driving, perhaps his last lifeline.


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Publication Details:

Published: October 28, 2014
Book Format: Paperback and Ebook
ISBN 13: 9780956710567
Kindle ASIN: 9780956710574

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