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Cover of The Seasons Revealed

The next best thing to seeing your new book in print is seeing its cover. Hence, my excitement about revealing the cover of my collection of short stories, The Seasons, coming in late October.

New Cover Revealed

A  collection of eight short stories, The Seasons  explores the human condition from youth to maturity via extraordinary [...]

When The Situation is Not Crystal Clear

Facing a difficult conversation can be difficult enough as it is. So what about when the situation is not crystal clear? Not that’s a hard call, too.

That’s why in my July Huffington Post blog, I look at how to make a difficult conversation, perhaps a little bit easier.

Fair enough – not as clear as these [...]

Time to Shed Good Food's Bad Rap

For as long as I can remember good food has had a bad rap. And I don’t mean food that tastes good but food that is good for us and likely tastes good, too.

If you ask me, it is time for a change. In this month’s Huffington Post blog, I have a look into the [...]

Summer Weddings Underway: Time to Invest

While June continues to reign as the most popular month for weddings in the US, August has pipped it at the post in the UK. Perhaps it’s something to do with the weather, but that’s another blog. Watch this space.

In the meantime,  US statistics show that in 2012, some 17 per cent of the thousands [...]

Your Legacy: What do you Stand for?

Often when tragedy hits home and sometimes at a distance, depending on the scale of it, we are forced to think about our own mortality.

This was certainly the case last week for Britons upon hearing about the untimely death of heroic teenager Stephen Sutton, who raised more than 3 million pounds for the Teenage Cancer [...]