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Author teams up with sportscaster

I’m on tour again in the USA and already off to a racing start:  an interview Friday with She Knows online magazine before leaving the Smoke, a couple of interviews today—one pre-recorded with long-time friend Pam Oliver to be aired in the near future on American Urban Radio Network and one live with WDUN Gainesville. That one was solo.

Whew! I am exhilarated BUT exhausted. Me thinks it is nearly one in the morning when in real time it is not even eight p.m. yet.

Never mind. I have lots to blog about and I need to stay awake for a couple of hours to ensure I feel alive and well when it’s time for the next interview, early, early in the morning with a daily paper across the pond.

So let me tell you what’s coming up, but first let me explain the connection with Pam Oliver, Fox sportscaster and NFL sideline reporter. Both young journalists in Albany, Ga, in the late 80s, we were room mates.

And though we took different career paths so to speak, we’ve maintained our friendship over the years and since neither of us have an offspring, a relative theme to The Barrenness, we decided to do a tag team job to speak positively on the issue and to promote the novel.

Pam loves it! Honestly, she does. Check out the interviews to see what she has to say about The Barrenness.

Okay, on with the tour:

Wednesday, November 16, Pam and I will be on The Tom Joyner Morning Show at 7.15 a.m.

On Thursday, November 17, I will do a book event at The Indigo Bar & Lounge in Atlanta around 6.30 p.m. For readers in Atlanta who have the book and want me to sign it, do come. For others who want to snag a copy, I’ll have a few on hand.

Fast forward to Saturday, November 19, Pam and I will be guests on CNN with Fredericka Whitfield.

The following week, I have a few solo interviews, which I’ll give you the details about next Monday. Also, I will do another book event in Albany on November 23. Stay tuned for specifics.

And that’s not all—other placements in the making, at least one of them confirmed with a national network, based in NYC for the dynamic Lewis and Oliver duo. Stole that description from another friend—thanks Elle!

Flagging now! Where’s that Coca Cola? It’s nowhere in sight. I see my brother, Mr.  Frito Lay, must have gotten to the parents about the good stuff.

Pepsi will just have to do. I can’t run a race on low fuel. Now can I

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