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The Barrenness: Coming April 2011

Prymus Publications has released the cover for its first title, The Barrenness, to be published in the spring, 2011 in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

“The novel has to do with childlessness,” says its author, Sonja Lewis. “It really feels appropriate to launch it to coincide with Mother’s Day in both countries.”

Back Cover Text:

By the time Lil Lee is 39, she has everything. Or so she thinks, until her childless aunt offers cryptic advice: “have children otherwise your womanhood will fade with your childbearing years.”

Worse yet, Aunt Mamie dies without fleshing out the matter. So what is Lil to do? She sets out to have a child. But before long she runs into one road block after another – a messy divorce, problems at work, health trouble and a love interest who is unwilling to have more children, maybe even unable. Nonetheless, Congressman Danny Hatcher is as intrigued with her as she is with him. Something has to give.

Meanwhile, she faces an unyielding battle for her aunt’s house with Will Owens, Aunt Mamie’s difficult step-son. And somehow her fight for the Lee legacy becomes entwined with her personal campaign to become a mother.

Lil’s struggle to win back her inheritance is more than just a hunger for a material possession. It is a poignant undertaking to secure her future.

The Barrenness is a novel that touches on one of the critically

important issues of our times. Sonja Lewis is a writer to look out

for ~ Jacob Ross

An emotionally captivating story with skilful pacing, character development and dialogue ~ Natasha Mostert

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