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Living on the other side

This has to be a joke, it has to be. Neither moving house nor renovating with a spouse made the top five most stressful events in life lists (official or unofficial), though other biggies – marriage, divorce, and death – made it.

Not to downplay the three aforementioned, they are all very serious and highly charged [...]

A piece of home in London

Any good expat understands the importance of lining up a piece of home in one’s new abode, otherwise, expatriate(ism) can be short lived. Whether it is a club, a sports activity, a course or a church, it really comes down to finding a consistent anchor.

No wonder the capital, like other major cities, has numerous enclaves [...]

I am not mad about it

Looking for alternative stories about Jesus Christ or not, they are out there. What does this writer think? [...]

Britain makes a new deal

David Cameron has been sworn in as Britain’s new Prime Minister at last. Hip hip hurray, the gridlock alert is over, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get the details of the deal that the reigning Tory party made with the country’s third party, the Liberal Democrats.

Looks like there will be [...]

Power Sharing at No. 10

Imagine power sharing at the highest level; Britain might be on to something. Listen up boys. [...]