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Literary Weekend in London Full of Surprises

I can’t stop talking about my literary weekend, so to speak. It was not only brilliant but also full of surprises – not the kind that I love to hate. Remember, those are the ones that I know are in the making. These jewels are nowhere near my radar until they happen.

First, there was the [...]

Special Connection with Famous First Female

For many African American famous firsts, it is either getting late in the evening or night has come for their final rest, as is the case for Alice Coachman Davis, the first African American woman to win an Olympic Gold medal.

Mrs Coachman-Davis, who won her medal for the high jump at London’s Wembley Stadium in [...]

When The Situation is Not Crystal Clear

Facing a difficult conversation can be difficult enough as it is. So what about when the situation is not crystal clear? Not that’s a hard call, too.

That’s why in my July Huffington Post blog, I look at how to make a difficult conversation, perhaps a little bit easier.

Fair enough – not as clear as these [...]

The Magic of London by Night

There’s something about London at night that’s enchanting—a bit surreal, too. As the taxi sped over Waterloo Bridge the other night, I couldn’t help trying to capture the magic. Well, while the amateurish photo isn’t bad, it doesn’t do the capital’s mysticism any real justice, does it?

London by night from Waterloo Bridge

Surely, I [...]

All Stretched Out And Loving It

On my run this morning, I found myself still working out kinks in a couple of muscles. Even after a run on Monday and a full training session yesterday, I’m still paying for ignoring my stretching routine while recently visiting the US.

Sonja feeling happily stretched

Even if I did have a resistance band and [...]